The Restoration of The Dene

The Dene (a term meaning valley) is a long stretch of area on the east side of the park whose landscape exemplifies both the design features and the intended effect of Olmsted’s pastoral vision. The Dene is physically located in an area between 72nd Street and 66th Street off of Fifth Avenue in Central Park.  Over the past year, it has undergone a full restoration. Experience wonderful views of Balto and the Dene from the summerhouse, a rustic wood shelter (one of three in Central Park) that sits on top of an imposing rock outcrop.

dene renovation

Part of the area is currently undergoing a restoration, in the area located on a slope just northwest of the Children’s Zoo. Included in this restoration will be plantings of native grass and wildflowers. At the top of the slope will be a new rustic seating area that will offer views of the summerhouse located north east of this area, as well as views of the Central Park South skyline.


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