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Winter is a Perfect Time to Visit the Central Park Zoo

When it snows in Central Park, most people think of grabbing their sleds or skis and heading to one of the many hills or fields, but did you know that the Central Park Zoo is open every day, even when it snows. It is only on a rare occasion, as when the park gets 26+ inches of snow in a 24 hour period, that it closes. The Central Park Zoo is open during the winter months from 10am to 4:30 daily....

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Top 10 Places To Cool Off In Central Park

Where should you go when the temps start to soar in New York City? Central Park, of course. When it gets too hot to picnic out on the Great Lawn or Sheep Meadow, or when you want to exercise but it’s too hot to run the Reservoir or the loop, you can still enjoy the great outdoors and be safe in the hot weather. Below are some of our suggestions on where to cool off in Central Park, or even where to...

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Central Park Zoo Animals Chow Down

Zoo visitors love to watch the resident animals eat.  Not sure why other than it is fun to see what they eat, how they eat and for sure – when they are eating – they are not sleeping.  Here are some of our favorites: Photos by Judith Wolfe. Check out her blog here.  

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Winter Fun at the Central Park Zoo

Winter is a great time to visit the Central Park Zoo. The crowds are gone and many of the temperate animals are more active and engaging. And there’s nothing quite like watching the animals frolic in the snow. This week’s montage features Central Park Zoo’s debut of grizzly bears, Betty and Veronica and seven month old snow leopard cub, Malala, enjoying the snow, as well as the snow monkeys, red pandas and more. Photos by Judith Wolfe. Check out her blog here.

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Central Park Zoo Animals Are Ready for Spring

The long winter is finally over and all of the Central Park Zoo residents are excited about spring. There is nest building in the Tropic Zone and the penguins are soon to get their rocks to start building their nests as well. Our snow leopards have enjoyed the long cold winter, as have our very active red pandas. Come visit! Check out some great shots below from Judith Wolfe… and visit her blog here to see even more.

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snow monkey

And We All Snow On…at the Central Park Zoo

The winter presses on – with over 56 inches of snow in 2014 – and has made for a beautiful winter wonderland at the Central Park Zoo. All of our temperate animals are enjoying this weather, especially the snow leopards, snow monkeys and red pandas. Check out some more great shots below from Judith Wolfe… and visit her blog here to see even more. Some of the Central Park Zoo animals enjoying Snowpocalypse…

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Tisch gate

Snowy Shots of the Central Park Zoo Animals

The latest snowfall in NYC has brought lots of fun and frolic to the Central Park Zoo and Tisch Children’s Zoo. All of the temperate animals —snow leopards, snow monkeys, red pandas, sea lions and swans looked beautiful in the freshly fallen snow.

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Exploring Biru

Winter Time at the Central Park Zoo

Winter is the perfect time to visit the Central Park Zoo. All of the temperate animals are out and enjoying the brisk chill in the air. The crowds are smaller and the fun is bigger! The zoo is open from 10am to 4:30pm daily. Some photos below: See more amazing zoo animal shots by photographer Judy Lobo at her blog:

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snow leopard cub

Central Park Zoo Animals Have Fun In Winter’s First Big Snow

The recent freshly fallen snow brought about a lot of frolicking in the snow for the animals at the Central Park Zoo, especially the snow leopard cubs. Enjoy their antics as well as some other familiar zoo faces with the link below. And if you haven’t come to see these seven month old cubs yet – now is the perfect time to catch them in all of their kitten-like friskiness! See more photos:  

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cubs at central park zoo

Snow Leopard Cubs Debut at the Central Park Zoo

A five month old pair of adorable snow leopard cubs made their public debut at the Central Park Zoo on Monday. The unnamed brother and sister were the first snow leopards born at the Central Park Zoo when they entered the world this summer. It made first-time parents of mom Zoe, 7, and dad Askai, 6. The newborns each weigh about 30 pounds and should reach 65 pounds to 120 pounds by adulthood. The majestic big cats are among the world’s...

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askai with pumpkin

Pumpkintastic at the Central Park Zoo

Check out these photos that were taken last Sunday at the Central Park Zoo’s photo workshop – it was a barrel of fun.  Pumpkins galore!  Both the animals and photographers were enriched by the experience. A special shout out to the Central Park Zoo Friday Guides and the Saturday Education crew and Interns for their excellent carving expertise. If you want some photo fun check out the host of classes coming up at the Zoo including two photo options in November. See the photos here:

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Photo Classes

Register for Central Park Zoo Fall & Winter Classes

The Central Park Zoo has great classes for all ages, and Fall and Winter class registration at the Central Park Zoo is open now! Click here to register. You can take a special 2 hour class or sign up for longer programs as well. If you have a child or teen who wants to know what it is like to be a keeper and would like a “behind the scenes” experience, sign them up for a “Jr. Keeper” class or our “High School Internship”...

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Gus the polar bear

Remembering Gus, the Central Park Polar Bear

A picture is worth a thousand words. Gus, the polar bear who lived at the Central Park Zoo, was recently euthanized at age 27. Inoperable cancer took him away from us – but he left us (it is said over 20 million visitors had seen Gus) with wonderful memories and stories.

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Central Park Zoo Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th anniversary to the Central Park Zoo.  There has been some type of animal collection at the zoo’s present site since the 1860s , but the zoo celebrated its rebirth as part of WCS’ three City Zoos on August 8th.  Some of their amazing animal collections have been around the whole time. Happy Anniversary! Check out these beautiful photos, full screen! Click the button below to view the photos: The Fall and Winter Zoo classes and workshops are available on line for you to check out and sign up. There are two adult photo...

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