Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Alexander Hamilton, born January 11, 1755

He was a Founding Father of the United States, chief staff aide to General George Washington, one of the most influential interpreters and promoters of the U.S. Constitution, the founder of the nation’s financial system, the founder of the Federalist Party, the world’s first voter-based political party, the Father of the United States Coast Guard, and the founder of The New York Post.

His story has also become the hottest Broadway ticket. You can visit his statue located behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 1880 James Hamilton (Alexanders son) commissioned this statue made of fireproof granite. (An earlier statue made of Marble had been destroyed in an explosion in 1835). Alexander Hamilton had been involved in developing a water system for the city of New York. The statue when erected on this site was initially situated between the two reservoirs that were part of Central Park in 1880.

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