Billy Johnson Playground

There are 21 playgrounds in Central Park. In 2012, the Central Park Conservancy completed its Plan for Play, a comprehensive document that includes the history of play in Central Park and outlines the broad scope of each playground renovation. In September 2013, the first of the playgrounds were renovated.

The Billy Johnson constructed in the mid-1980s to replace a Robert Moses-era playground, was the first one reconstructed under the administration of the Central Park Conservancy 35 years ago. This playground is one of the most distinctive playgrounds in Central Park. It was designed to mimic various areas in the park, including this bridge that is designed to look like the nearby Pond’s Gapstow Bridge. This playground is constructed primarily from natural materials. The playground’s most popular feature is a giant granite slide, which is nestled into a rocky hill that echoes the nearby rock outcroppings.

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